I’m a designer and creative strategist with 10+ years of experience and practice:


People-Centered Research Understand the root of the problem, its ecosystem, and from multiple people’s point of view.

Design & Strategy
Design vision and experience prototype with mindfulness around connecting people, business, and beauty.

Build team, oversee, and collaborate with partners to implement the vision.


I apply this people-focused design approach to customer experience, employee engagement, products, processes, business models, brand stories, curriculum/programs, or environments to improve business performance and social impact. 

I’m currently available for full-time work, contract engagements, or interesting chats.  


Case Studies

I design for community.

I design experiences
that spark social change.


I design at the intersection of
business development and
community building.

I design space for
contemplation and participation
in a beautiful moment.

About my approach


I design by researching
to discover connections
that lead to new opportunities
and unexpected solutions.

Moving Design: Living Sustainability Lead by Rick Valicenti of Thirst

I innovate by testing ideas
early in the design process:
prototype, learn, improve.

Design Lead
Work on What you Love: Bruce Mau Rethinking Design
exhibition at the Philadelphia Museum of Art

I integrate
business and beauty,
function and curation,
first use and future reuse.

Retail Director
The Chicago Design Museum Store 

I create events that inform and inspire, engaging people and building community.

Program Director
Society of Typographic Arts

I make space for
contemplation and participation

Experience design collaboration
exhibition within
As you are: A Decade of You Are Beautiful

And I always
leave room for laughter
in the process as well as the outcome.